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"Share House TSUROGI"

We are currently running a special campaign!
Only for contracts until March 2024.

Key money 30,000 yen cashback! (Usually 50,000 yen becomes 20,000 yen!)

We are also looking for Short-term stays(from 1week to less than 60 days)→

Regarding initial costs and contracts
Initial cost
① Prorated rent for the month you move in
② Prorated common service fee*1 and
 Utility fee *2 for the month you move in 
③Deposit (normally 50,000 yen, non-refundable)
④Fire insurance premium (10,000 yen paid in advance for one year) 
*1.Common service fees: ①Common facility management and cleaning costs ②Disaster prevention and fire security costs ③Living supplies costs ④Wi-Fi usage fees ⑤Bicycle parking, etc.
*2.Utility fees (water, electricity, and gas are shared, so individual (A flat rate of 8,000 yen/month will be collected instead of a contract

Required matters when signing a contract
① Reading and signing the contract 
② Copy of identification card (*2) of the person and joint guarantor (*1)
③ Necessary expenses (contract money, first month's rent, etc.
*1)Please contact us regarding the guarantor for foreigners.
*2)Identification documents for foreigners are copies of visas, employment certificates, etc.
*The condition is that you have decided on the workplace, university, etc. where you will work and attend school. Please contact us if you are planning a long-term trip.
(Example) Monthly payment for room 202
42,000 yen (rent) + 6,000 yen (common expenses) + 8,000 yen (utilities) = 56,000 yen.
Please note that electricity, water, and wifi usage fees are included

rent common
remarks situation
room201 11㎡ 43,000 6,000 corner room No vacancy
room202 10.9㎡ - - No vacancy
room203 10.9㎡ 42,000 6,000 Vacancy
room204 10.9㎡ - - No vacancy
room205 10.9㎡ No vacancy
room206 11.7㎡ 44,000 6,000 Vacancy
room207 11.7㎡ 44,000 6,000 vacancy
room208 11.7㎡ 44,000 6,000 vacancy
room209 10.8㎡ 44,000 6,000 corner room vacancy
room210 8.1㎡ No vacancy
room211 12.5㎡ 49,000 6,000 sorner room vacancy
room212 12.2㎡ 48,000 6,000 No vacancy
room213 11.4㎡ 44,000 6,000 Vacancy
room214 12.3㎡ No vacancy
room215 8.1㎡ - - No vacancy
room216 8.1㎡ 35,000 6,000 No Vacancy
room217 10.9㎡ 44,000 6,000 corner room Vacancy
room218 11.1㎡ 43,000 6,000 Vacancy
room219 7.4㎡ 35,000 6,000 Vacancy
room220 8.1㎡ - - No vacancy
Address: 4-1-15 Okubo Minami, Kumatori-cho, Sennan-gun, OSAKA, JAPAN  590-0405
Access: 20 minutes walk from Hineno Station or Kumatori Station on the JR Hanwa Line 
Rent: 35,000 -
Common service fee: 6,000 yen /month (common facilities management fee, wi-fi usage fee, etc.)
utilities / 8,000 yen / month (Water, gas, electricity charges will be collected uniformly)
Security deposit (administration fee) / 50,000 yen (non-refundable)
Number of rooms: 20 rooms
Management style: patrolling/common space cleaning
Equipment for each room: bed, closet, air conditioner, lighting
Common equipment: lounge, TV 50-inch LCD TV, 2 system kitchens, 3 refrigerators, 3 washing machines ( (coin system), 3 dryers (coin system), cooking utensils, tableware, vacuum cleaners, cleaning tools, bathrooms (2 bathrooms with bathtubs, 3 shower rooms), 4 toilets, internet access, shared space Free Wi-Fi available, wooden deck, garden
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