short-term stay (Einglish ver.)

Share House Tsurogi is basically a one-year contract, but short-term guest stays are also possible.
The expenses required for a basic one-year contract are:

① Key money (administration fee) ----------50,000 yen
② Fire insurance premium paid in advance for one year --- 10,000 yen
③ First month's rent---------OOOO yen


For short-term stays, the daily rent varies depending on the length of stay.

Daily rent price list

7-14 days stay---3850 yen/day x number of days
15-30 days stay--3300 yen/day x number of days
31-60 days stay--2750 yen/day x number of days

Example) If you move in on April 2nd and move out on April 25th,
your stay will be 24 days.

3300 yen/day x 24 days = 79200 yen.

*Key money and fire insurance premiums are included in the daily rent, so these are the only initial costs and necessary expenses.
*The room will be prepared by the administrator.
*Number of stays is the number of days including the day you move in and the day you move out (*It is not the number of nights you stay).
*All fees must be paid in advance at the time of move-in. No refunds will be given even if you move out early.
*In case of extension, you will be charged the daily rent for the number of days.
*If you are staying for 61 days or more, it is better to sign a regular contract (you can move out after 3 months without penalty).

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